Dr. Kolkey’s Media Appearances


Friday  12/11/2009    1st Hour    2nd Hour    First hour: We spoke with Dr. Jonathan Kolkey and his work here: http://worldwidewarproject.org Dr. Kolkey has spent decades studying wars conducted throughout history, and has found that wars made and pursued by countries with government like our own overwhelming share a common impetus: Domestic political concerns. Check out our interesting discussion, and his website.

Second hour: We met and talked liberty and politics with we’ll talk with Nancy’s Pelosi’s biggest threat: John Dennis! John Dennis is an entrepreneur and helped lead the Ron Paul revolution in the 8th district in 2008. Find out more here: 
http://www.johndennis2010.com and join his campaign to put a liberty-oriented, constitutional-oriented and wise-monetary policy oriented candidate into the Congress.
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My last LewRockwell.com article titled “Only a Fool Defends His County…” resulted in a veritable blizzard of e-mails – most of them highly praiseworthy but a few excoriating me for detailing President Madison’s “treasonous” conduct back during the War of 1812. One blogger saluted the Fourth President’s earlier tremendous service rendered to our emerging nation by helping draft the United States Constitution. My critic thus characterized as a “regrettable aberration” Madison’s refusal to embargo normal food shipments to the British in order to avoid angering American farmers and in so doing jeopardizing his reelection. Yeah, go tell that to the judge. More>>>