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For the first time since the year 1860, Secession appears to be a viable option, in part because all other arrangement for the operation of the American union are deemed by many to have failed. However, let me offer some friendly advice to the Secessionists among you. A survey of American history indicates that the prospect for success is minuscule. But don’t be discouraged. Follow the sage advice that I’m about to impart and your odds for success will improve dramatically. In fact, I can almost guarantee that, if you adopt my deft strategy, you’ll have a fighting chance of accomplishing your goals. More>>>


Numerous men and women sprinkled throughout the Conservative/Libertarian movement have taken inspiration from the original Tea Partyites of December 1773 – the good Patriots of Boston who dumped 342 chests of British East India Company tea into Boston Harbor as symbolic resistance against imperial taxation. Politics is indeed theatrical. And what would otherwise have been an ordinary act of waterfront vandalism has been elevated to the lofty status of the quintessential American political protest. More>>>



My last LewRockwell.com article titled “Only a Fool Defends His County…” resulted in a veritable blizzard of e-mails – most of them highly praiseworthy but a few excoriating me for detailing President Madison’s “treasonous” conduct back during the War of 1812. One blogger saluted the Fourth President’s earlier tremendous service rendered to our emerging nation by helping draft the United States Constitution. My critic thus characterized as a “regrettable aberration” Madison’s refusal to embargo normal food shipments to the British in order to avoid angering American farmers and in so doing jeopardizing his reelection. Yeah, go tell that to the judge. More>>>




Indulge me to dredge up the most obscure foreign conflict in American history – the long-forgotten War of 1812 – to illustrate my provocative point: When your mortal enemy, the Leviathan state, starts a war, you had better think twice about fulfilling your supposed “patriotic” duty by marching off to battle. And Libertarians (to their credit) have basically figured out this scam well ahead of everybody else and that, while only a fool defends his country, a wise man defends himself. Let me elaborate. More>>>