Finally, someone has cracked the code to determine the root cause of war and the only means of ending it forever.

World Wide War Project:

Over 300 Separate Conflicts Identified & Analyzed

The official website dedicated to verifying Dr. Jonathan M. Kolkey’s provocative conclusions based on his exhaustive and academically sound historical research collected over three decades that conclusively link the root cause of all wars with leaders’ cynical pursuit of their own political and personal self-interest.

The entire historical community already agrees with you, Jonathan. But they just don’t know it yet. — Prediction uttered back in 1981 by Daniel Ackerman – Dr. Jonathan M. Kolkey’s longtime friend.
Once the lessons of the World Wide War Project are fully absorbed, no government on Earth will retain a single shred of its traditional legitimacy, and the Hobbesian Leviathan State’s deepest and most disturbing secret will finally be exposed:  The citizen who cavalierly marches off to war — seduced no doubt by bogus “patriotic” appeals eventually to die for absolutely nothing — must learn to protect himself from the criminal schemes hatched by his own unscrupulous  leaders.  Therefore, only a fool ever defends his country; a wise man always defends himself.

How can we guarantee world peace if we don’t first understand fully the basic cause of war itself?

War will end when, and only when, political leaders fear immediate overthrow at the hands of their own angry citizens for starting needless quarrels (thereby jeopardizing the safety of the entire community) more than they fear military defeat and overthrow at the hands of the foreign “enemy.”


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Welcome to World Wide War Project

What if government leaders deliberately started every war fought in recorded history for purely cynical self-serving motives designed to enhance their own political fortunes? What if these same government leaders disseminated for public consumption bogus “reasons” for their wars, all the while admitting in private their real self-serving motives? More>>>


Check out the Master Directory containing over 300 wars (lumped together by region and time period) that Dr. Kolkey identified and analyzed in the course of proving his theories. And check out the plethora of endorsements garnered from hundreds of world-class scholars in support of Dr. Kolkey’s conclusionsMore>>>


Check out the endorsements for Dr. Kolkey’s World Wide War Project solicited from a wide range of distinguished political leaders,  journalists, and other assorted well-known opinion makers, including Noam Chomsky, David Halberstam, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Jack Sasson, Tom  Hayden, Lew Rockwell, David Gordon, Carol Moore, Howard Zinn, Robert Scheer, Seymour Hersh, Richard Reeves, Robert Dallek, Per Byland, Russell Jacoby, More>>>

Dr. Kolkey’s project provides a fresh, unbiased approach to the problem of war, simultaneously rejecting the false ideas and self-serving political agendas fostered by both the Right and Left.

In accordance with the abundant symbolism permeating this website, neither Ronald Reagan nor Karl Marx escape Dr. Kolkey’s censure.

Dr. Jonathan M. Kolkey interviewed Ronald Reagan for his UCLA Ph.D. Thesis in Spring 1979. In stolen moments during their two-hour session, Dr. Kolkey attempted without success to explain his war theory to the intellectually flaccid future-President — who, sadly, exhibited no interest in the entire subject.
During his 1994 visit to Highgate Cemetery outside London, Dr. Jonathan M. Kolkey stood alongside Karl Marx’s gravesite. During a very “spiritual” moment the two men shared on a blustery January day, Dr. Kolkey “told” Karl that although he (Dr. Kolkey) appreciated Marx’s obvious good intentions, the German  philosopher/historian was dead wrong about the causes of war and hence thoroughly deserved to have his erroneous theories buried forever.